We are a dental laboratory certified by Zirkonzahn. We offer exclusively original Zirkonzahn restorations milled in our laboratory using Zirkonzahn full CAD/CAM system. Each work is certified for the quality of used materials. 

We offer a range of products across the board in the modern dental technology:


  • veneers (e.max press; on refractory mass)
  • crowns, bridges (zirconia, Cr-Co)
  • inlays, onlays, endocrowns
  • prosthodontic works on implants – individual abutments (Zirkonzahn, ATLANTIS)
  • prosthodontic works on telescopes

  • screw retained prosthodontic works
  • prosthodontic works on bolts
  • implantological bars
  • high-aesthetic dentures
  • skeletal frameworks for partial dentures