All milling materials are exclusively oryginal Zirkonzahn products. Prestige of this brand and its highest quality materials will distinguish your practice and enable you to offer your patients only the best, longlasting and beautiful restorations. The wide range of materials used in our laboratory helps to plan dental works with full elasticity:

Prettau® Anterior®
Prettau® Zirconia
ICE Zirkon Translucent
Temp Basic
Temp Premium
Temp Premium Flexible
Tecno Med
Try-In & Burnout
Titanium Raw-Abutment®



Although zirconia material is being produced by many companies nowadays its quality is incomparable to the oryginal Zirkonzahn zirconia. Zirconia by Zirkonzahn shows, in comparison to other less expensive zirconia materials, extraordinary hardness, resistance and higher purity and biocompatibility.  We attest each of our dental works by a certificate of quality.

Zirkonzahn Zirconia is being produced in the South Tyrolean mountains. Zirconium power is refined by means of a special procedure and pressed into blanks. After it is being sinterized in a furnace at 1500ºC it attains its final hardness and resistance, which differentiantes this zirconia from other zirconia materials available on the market nowadays (the often crack during just an instalation in the milling unit). From zirconia by Zirkonzahn all kinds of dental restorations are possible to create.


Zirconia dental material / for dental restorations / translucent


Zirkonzahn i Antoszewski Laboratory offer zirconia with different translucency features (transparency characteristics), i.g. the more transparent Prettau zirconia is particularly suitable for full zirconia resorations.